Installing a New Toilet in Your Home?

Installing a New Toilet in Your Home? Keep Costs Down by Calling an Experienced Plumber

Toilets are like many things—we tend to take them for granted until they break. But unlike a lot of things, it's pretty hard to do without a working toilet for any length of time. Grabbing a shovel and heading out to the backyard is not really an option.

With that in mind, if you are thinking of changing your toilet yourself, have you thought every angle through? Do you have the time? How many trips are you willing to make to the home-improvement store before you've got everything you need? What are the consequences of installing a toilet incorrectly?

What can possibly go wrong, right?

Well, to answer that last question—a lot! Before you start ripping out the old toilet, maybe you should give a reputable plumber or two a dingle to talk it through. They will be able to point out some things you probably never thought of.

For starters, what kind of toilet do you want to install? Prices, availability, styles and the amount of water they consume vary greatly:

  • Round toilet bowls vs. elongated. Round ones fit better in smaller bathrooms, are less expensive and are better for children. Elongated ones tend to have better flushing action, are more comfortable for adults and look nicer. Taller toilets are available and preferred by some elderly, but tougher to reach for children.
  • Water conservation is a factor. Gravity-flush toilets tend to be the least expensive initially, but can cost more and have a greater environmental impact in the long-run. You also have the choice of pressure-assist and dual-flush toilets, each with its own merits.
  • Other considerations include choosing slow-close toilet seats to avoiding slamming, and even heated toilet seats for those chilly mornings. Do you want Bluetooth with that? It's available. Do you want to install a one-piece or two-piece toilet? Can you lift a heavy toilet? Chiropractors have a soft spot for free-wheeling do-it-yourselfers.

The next consideration is the condition of the old plumbing. Will you force anything connecting the new toilet to the old plumbing? This can be a recipe for disaster with breakages and leaks developing in the floor or wall from stressed plumbing. Other common mistakes by do-it-yourselfers are setting the toilet on a damaged flange, caulking incorrectly and improperly compressing the wax seal.

If you've thought it through and you still feel like undertaking the project, then by all means. But if you'd like a second opinion or a free quote from a plumber in Burnaby, give us a call at Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating. We've been serving Burnaby for 60 years! We can have one of our 20+ service trucks on the job in no time flat.

At Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating we can take care of all your bathroom plumbing repairs and new toilet installations. We're your go-to Burnaby plumber. Call us today for advice or a quote on all your bathroom renovation needs.

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