5 Common plumbing leaks and what to do about them

Household plumbing leaks in Greater Vancouver come in all shapes and sizes, but there is one thing they all have in common: if you don’t address them promptly and expertly, they can have disastrous consequences.

Leaking pipes can cause “splashy” damage such as flooded basements, ruined furniture and wrecked walls and floors. But the damage can also be more insidious. Slow leaks can go unnoticed for months and can rot out subfloors and walls, waste innumerable gallons of water and serve as a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Let’s take a look at the five most common plumbing leaks and what you can do about them:

  1. Appliances
    Washing machines and dishwasher leaks often occur because of worn, dirty or cracked doors and connector seals. Keep seals clean and replace any worn or cracked ones. Appliance vibration can also result in water connectors loosening and leaking. Keep connectors tight and your appliances level.
  2. Pipe joints
    Pipe joints can start leaking for several reasons, including water pressure that’s too high, knocking pipes, corrosion and age. Unfortunately, many pipe joint issues take place inside walls or under floors and are not readily visible. In fact, the first signs of failing pipe joints will often be mouldy smells or slowly developing stains on walls or ceilings. If you suspect this kind of leak, whether you live in North Vancouver or Burnaby, reputable plumbers in your area can help. Many offer 24-hour emergency service.
  3. Toilets
    Toilets are notorious for leaking every which way—floor seals, connectors, tank sweating and internal components. If not addressed quickly by your local Tsawwassen plumber, these can result in wet floors, a rotting subfloor and/or mould growth.
  4. Hot water heaters, radiators and boilers
    Your hydronic heating system’s boiler, pipes and radiators can all develop leaks from normal wear and tear, age and corrosion. Water heaters are particularly notorious for giving way suddenly and causing disastrous flooding in basements. Call your plumbing and heating specialist for an annual inspection and maintenance.
  5. Sinks, bathtubs and showers
    Leaks around faucets and taps are often not considered pressing because the water usually ends up down the drain. They can, however, waste a terrific amount of water if left unrepaired. Leaking drains and seals can be even more insidious as they may be nearly invisible. The damage in these cases occurs inside the sink cabinet, inside the wall or under the floor.

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