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5 plumbing scams to avoid

Plumbing issues often need to be addressed right away. The anxiety associated with an emergency such as a burst pipe or a serious sewer line blockage means that, if you aren’t careful, you could fall victim to a plumbing scam. Here are five common cons to be on the lookout for.  


1. The “plumber-for-cheap” trick

It’s always best to work with a certified plumber. Work performed by uninsured and unlicensed plumbers is likely to be shoddy or even unsafe. In addition, you’ll be liable for damage caused to your home and any injuries workers might sustain while on your property.


2. The “bait-and-switch” routine

A common scam involves offering high-quality materials that will last a lifetime but instead installing sub-par parts for an inflated price. This type of scam is usually executed by providing vague information about the brand of materials used. To prevent this, ask for a detailed breakdown of parts and do a bit of research to find out if the price is fair.


3. The “extensive-repair” ploy

An honest plumber will always suggest only necessary repairs be conducted. If the worker you want to hire pressures you into cosmetic or extensive repairs, such as replacing all your pipes, be careful. This scam often relies on the sense of urgency related to plumbing issues. To avoid it, get a second opinion before starting any major renovation.


4.The “one-time-deal” ruse

This scam is designed to target budget-conscious people who may otherwise be wary of schemes. The plumber will bait the client by offering a ridiculously low rate for the job, citing a special deal or some other explanation. This is often attractive to frugal people, who then may end up with sub-par work or be on the hook for more repairs when the plumber explains they found another problem.


5. The “bundle-package” plot

It’s common for unscrupulous plumbers to offer you a bundle deal. They’ll fix your problem, but they’ll also check for other issues and run a water pressure test and so on. This can seem attractive because it looks like you’re getting more value for your money, but you may not truly need the extra services.



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