6 Reasons regular furnace maintenance is critical

Each day in winter, your Vancouver home’s furnace keeps you and your family safe and comfortable.

But are you doing everything necessary to keep the furnace in your Vancouver home running reliably and efficiently? Not having your furnace maintained regularly can have a serious impact on your pocket book as well as your family’s safety and comfort.

Let’s look at six reasons why regular furnace maintenance is critical:

  1. Longevity
    Good furnaces are designed to last twenty years or more if they’re well maintained. Annual maintenance will increase the lifespan of your furnace. A little time and money spent today will definitely pay dividends in the long run.
  2. Health and safety
    All furnaces that burn fuel to generate heat create a certain amount of carbon monoxide (CO). Typically, this gas is safely vented away from the house if the furnace is working properly. An inadequately maintained furnace with a faulty heat exchanger or burner can create excessive amounts of CO, overloading your ventilation system. Make no mistake—CO is a deadly gas that can put your family at risk. A furnace that’s not regularly maintained can also contribute to poor air quality in your home by circulating mould and dust. Filters have to be changed regularly, and ducts cleaned.
  3. Efficiency
    A well maintained furnace with clean filters, blower and motor will also burn cleaner, more quietly and more efficiently. You will likely notice the difference in performance when you get your lower fuel bill after a cleaning.
  4. Reliability
    Furnaces don’t break down when it’s sunny and 25° outside—they quit on you during the coldest snap of winter. Needless to say, a furnace that gives up in the dead of winter compromises your family’s comfort and safety. A properly maintained furnace is much less likely to break down when you need it most. Emergency repairs to your plumbing and heating system in Vancouver are almost always far costlier than a regular annual maintenance program.
  5. Comfort
    An inadequately maintained furnace, improperly calibrated thermostats or poorly adjusted air ducts or radiators can mean wide temperature variances in your home that can compromise your family’s comfort and health.
  6. Warranty
    Is your furnace relatively new? Many manufacturers will only honour their furnace warranties if they undergo regular, documented maintenance.

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