bad shower habit and plumbing

Bad shower habits that hurt your plumbing

Though plumbing issues can abrupt unexpectedly, they’re often the result of long-standing problems caused by bad habits. Here are five things you should stop doing to protect your drains and pipes.  

  • Taking long, hot showers

While they’re relaxing, you shouldn’t make a habit of taking long showers. Beyond the fact that they’re not good for your skin, they can create a lot of water vapour and leave your bathroom warm and humid, making it a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew.


  • Using body oil

Most people know not to pour cooking oil down the kitchen sink because it can clog the drain. Body oils are no different. Routinely using them in the shower can cause problems because the oils tend to solidify at low temperatures, meaning that anything that goes down the drain can lead to a blockage.


  • Using antibacterial soap

While there may be times when antibacterial soaps are needed, they shouldn’t be used every day if your home is connected to a septic system. Over time, the soap will decimate the bacterial colonies in your septic tank that perform the very important task of breaking down solid waste.


  • Hanging anything from the showerhead

It’s common to hang shower caddies and loofahs from the showerhead, but if you put too much weight on it, the showerhead will eventually start to get pulled down, which can lead to serious plumbing issues. Over time, the connection between the showerhead and the pipe inside the wall can break, leaving you with no showerhead and a potentially large repair bill. Showerheads aren’t designed to support any weight, so it’s best to store your shower accessories somewhere else.


  • Letting hair build up in the drain

It’s a good idea to use a drain guard in your shower, as these inexpensive devices are great at preventing hair from getting washed down the drain. Washing your hair inevitably releases a lot of it, and if the fallen hair is allowed to slip down the drain, you’ll quickly find yourself with a clog.


When prevention fails

Even if you have impeccable shower habits, you may still find yourself dealing with a problem. If so, don’t hesitate to get a plumber from Hillcrest Plumbing and Heating to take a look. We can also help with your water heater and hot water tank, so if you’re in the Vancouver or Burnaby areas, contact us if you need help with a repair or installation.


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