Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

…Handling a Plumbing Emergency at Your Business

Plumbing does not break down between 9:00am and 5:00pm. In fact, most businesses encounter plumbing emergencies well outside normal operation hours. During these situations, it is imperative as a business owner, that you have access to an emergency plumber in Vancouver.

Why Call Emergency Plumbing Services?

An emergency plumbing service is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have several plumbers on call and ready to make visits to your business regardless of what hour of the day. While you could wait until the next morning to address a plumbing issue, leaking faucets or an overflowing toilet could require you to shut your business down until it is repaired. With emergency services, you can resume business as usual and avoid interruptions.

The Most Common Commercial Plumbing Emergencies

  • Pipes That Have Burst - A broken or burst pipe means water is coming out rapidly and the more water that comes out, the more damage that will occur. As a business owner or property manager, you should know where the water shutoff valve is to stop the water supply and avoid excessive damage.
  • Blocked Drains and Toilets - While a plunger can often take care of this problem, more serious drain blockages will require the assistance of Vancouver plumbers. This is especially true if the blocked toilet or drain is causing an overflow.
  • Water Heater Leak - Once a water heater begins leaking, it needs to be replaced. These leaks not only affect your business’ hot water supply, but could also cause significant property damage. An emergency plumber will possibly repair the problem, or if the water heater wall has rusted through, timely replacement can be done.
  • Broken Water Lines - Water lines are what supply clean water to your office or commercial facility. If a water line has broken, dirt and debris could enter the line or there may be limited flow. Also, soggy areas outside will occur as the water begins to seep into the ground.
  • Sewer Backups - This is a plumbing nightmare that no business wants to deal with. It can be costly and inconvenient, and it is extremely common for businesses, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating offers 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs. Contact one of our skilled plumbers today for assistance with an emergency at your place of business. Call us at 604-879-5301 to schedule a repair in the Vancouver area including North Vancouver or contact us online.

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