Furnace Tips for Winter

Keep Your Furnace Healthy When Winter Hits Vancouver This Year

Most people never give their furnace a second thought, but the health of your furnace is like your own health. A little bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way. Don’t wait until you need emergency care! Keep your furnace in good shape with the following tips.

Health tips

There are a few things that you can do to keep your furnace from giving out on you when winter comes to Vancouver this year:

Replace or clean the filters—Your furnace’s air filters should be replaced or cleaned every one to two months depending on your usage and filter type.

Inspect ducts—Look for signs of corrosion or leaks along the duct system. Nothing should be loose or wobbly.

Check the fresh air intake —It can become filled with dirt, debris and even small animals! Clean it out regularly to keep it free from blockage.

Check the flue system—Double check that everything is firmly attached to the furnace and look for signs of wear or corrosion.

Clean the burner—Dust and grime can build up on the burner, making it less effective over time.

Inspect blower assembly—Clean it and check for signs of damage or wear.

Clean the whole system—Have your furnace and ducts thoroughly cleaned by professionals like Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating in Vancouver. DIY cleaning could lead to irreparable damage. Call in the pros to have it done right and keep your energy costs low.

Signs of a sluggish system

You may only think your system is sluggish if the house isn’t getting as warm as it should. But there are many other things that indicate that your furnace isn’t operating at maximum capacity:

Poor air quality—When the air quality in your home starts to deteriorate it’s time to have your furnace cleaned.

Uneven temperatures—Some rooms are hotter than others.

Inaccurate thermostat—If the thermostat says 22 degrees, but you’re shivering in your bunny slippers and twelve layers of sweaters, then there might be something wrong with your furnace.

Expense—Your bills are on the rise and you don’t know why.

Bad smells/strange noises—Unusual sounds and smells coming from your furnace could be signs of a leak and should be taken very seriously.

When you should call a home furnace specialist

If you notice any of the signs of a sick system, or if it has been awhile since your last furnace inspection, schedule an appointment without delay. Call Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating in Vancouver and save yourself from facing a frozen furnace in the dead of winter. With over 50 years in the plumbing business, we’re Vancouver’s most trusted heating and plumbing specialists!

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