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5 ways to save money on your water bill

One of the best ways to put more cash in your pocket is to decrease your water usage. Doing so not only lowers your monthly bill but also helps the environment. Here are five things you can do to start saving.

1. Turn down the temperature

Warm water is useful for washing our hands, scrubbing dishes and showering. However, we rarely need the water to be piping hot. In this case ask your plumber to turn down the temperature on your water heater a by a few notches and start saving on your monthly energy bill.

2. Take a shower instead of a bath

Filling an average tub for a bath requires about 150 litres of water. By comparison, an average shower puts out 4 litres per minute. That amounts to 40 litres for a 10-minute shower. By choosing to take a shower instead of a bath, you therefore save a good deal of water. To save even more, you can always cut down on the time you spend showering.

3. Fix leaks right away

Leaks in faucets and fixtures can hike up your water bill. Even if it’s just small drips, over a month’s time all that wasted water begins to add up. Plus, leaks create a number of other problems. In particular, they can lead to the growth of mould and the drips can eventually cause expensive damage to walls and flooring.

The same goes for a leaky toilet. A constantly running toilet adds to your water bill and can signal a leak.

4. Switch to high-efficiency fixtures

Modern bathroom and kitchen fixtures tend to be more efficient than older models. For instance, low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators reduce water usage by incorporating air into the water without decreasing pressure.

5. Upgrade your appliances

Like modern fixtures, many new appliances are designed to optimize efficiency. If you’re in the market for a new dishwasher or washer and dryer set, look for Energy Star-rated products. They’re certified to save energy and protect the climate. If you’re replacing your toilet, consider a low-flush model, which uses less water and is just as effective.
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