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5 ways to pet-proof your plumbing

Pets can be mischievous, and damaged plumbing can cause more than just a headache. Take care of your pets and your pipes with these five tips.

1. Close the toilet lid

Pet-proofing your plumbing doesn’t just protect your pipes — it also keeps your furry friend safe. Drinking toilet water is unsanitary and can be harmful to your pet’s health. Keeping the lid closed will also prevent smaller pets from falling in. To ensure your pet doesn’t go looking for a drink elsewhere, provide a bowl with some water and do not use chemical cleaners in toilet tank to avoid accidental drinking from a toilet that can make your pet very sick.

2. Don’t flush litter

As a rule of thumb, the only things you should flush down the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. Although some cat litter is advertised as flushable, it can still build up in your pipes over time and cause damage.

3. Discourage digging

Although sewer and plumbing lines are at least half a metre below ground, there may be cause for concern if your dog is an avid digger. Claws and teeth can puncture pipes and create leaks that become a plumbing emergency. If the habit persists, consider having a technician identify where the lines are so you can focus your protective efforts on these areas.

4. Hide cleaning products

Make sure chemical drain openers and other plumbing products are stored out of reach. Many of these products are toxic to animals, not to mention potentially damaging to your pipes.

5. Fix open pipes

To your dog, an exposed pipe might look like an irresistible chew toy. Dealing with the cracks and leaks of worn-down plumbing will be less fun. Depending on the type of pipe, gnawing on it could also be toxic to your pet. To prevent this fix open pipes or block them from view.

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