garbage disposal unit

The pros and cons of a garbage disposal

A garbage disposal unit is a device that gets installed under a kitchen sink and is designed to shred food waste into tiny particles before they pass through the plumbing. If you’re thinking about getting one for your home, here are the pros and cons to consider.  

The pros

If properly used and maintained, there are several benefits to having a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen:


  • It’s convenient. A garbage disposal unit makes it easy to clean up after you’ve prepared a meal. You can get rid of food scraps and rinse your dishes in one shot. Plus, a garbage disposal can be used with most types of sewage systems, including municipal sewers and septic tanks.
  • It protects your pipes. If you don’t have a garbage disposal unit, food waste that gets washed down the kitchen drain could clog your pipes. With a garbage disposal, however, these scraps are ground up into small pieces that won’t get stuck in your plumbing.
  • It limits odours. A garbage disposal unit offers a quick and sanitary way to dispose of food scraps. Whereas food that lingers in the garbage will begin to rot and stink, a garbage disposal immediately sweeps away odour-producing waste.


The cons

Although a garbage disposal unit can be a practical device in many households, it does come with certain drawbacks:


  • It can get clogged. This is a common problem with garbage disposal units, although it’s often the result of improper use. Certain foods are more likely to clog or damage the unit and should be avoided. This includes grease, stringy vegetables, fruit pits and starchy foods.
  • It can emit odours. If a garbage disposal unit isn’t cleaned regularly, food particles can build up and begin to smell. This can also happen if there’s a blockage or the unit malfunctions. Fortunately, this issue can usually be resolved by flushing the system with lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda.
  • It can cause injury. A garbage disposal unit poses a serious safety hazard if used carelessly. In particular, you should never reach your hand or fingers down the drain. If there’s a child in the house, it’s important to invest in a magnetic cover for the drain.


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