Reasons for Annual Boiler Maintenance

If you’re situated in the greater Vancouver area, such as Richmond, Tsawwassen or Burnaby, it is possible that your house or business is heated with a boiler. A boiler is essentially a water heater which distributes the heat via hot water. The boiler heats the water which is then pumped through pipes to radiators heating the space. As the water flows through the pipes, it cools and is then returned to the boiler for the process to be repeated. Boilers are fueled by heating oil or natural gas.

Regular maintenance on a boiler in your home or business is vital. Most problems with boilers don’t occur overnight. In fact, they can take such a long time to show evident signs of poor performance that it is possible to become accustomed to the slow progressing changes in the boiler’s efficiency without realizing there is a problem.

Malfunctioning Boilers & Insurance Coverage

If your boiler is malfunctioning, finding the problem early on can keep the cost of repairs to a minimum. A malfunctioning boiler risks exploding or causing substantial property damage. Having your boiler system properly maintained and inspected annually greatly reduces the risk of incurring any potential property damage or loved ones sustaining injuries. A properly maintained heating system will not only keep you safe, but it will also reduce your fuel costs.

Several insurance companies require an annual inspection be performed on boiler heating systems. If these inspections are not done, you risk losing your insurance coverage. The inspection must be carried out by a certified company such as Hillcrest Heating and Plumbing.

Boiler Retrofits & Upgrades to Save You Money

If your boiler is several decades old and you are not ready to replace it, you can consider retrofitting it to increase efficiency. Simple upgrades such as installing programmable thermostats and/or upgrading the ductwork will make a significant difference to your system’s efficiency. If the boiler is prone to needing repairs, then you can consider replacing it with a new boiler that has an energy star label. With advancements in technology, new boilers are available with a plethora of options guaranteed to keep you and your loved ones warm while keeping your operating costs down.

Schedule your Boiler Maintenance Today

Having your boiler inspected annually by Hillcrest Heating and Plumbing can be very beneficial. As trained professionals, we know what tests to perform to ensure your boiler is operating at its optimal efficiency and having an annual inspection will save you money in the long run. Hillcrest Heating & Plumbing services hot water baseboard convectors, older cast iron radiators and in floor hot water radiant heat, which are all heated with hot water boilers. Radiant hot water heating systems with polybutylene piping installed in system require additional annual service or a non-ferrous installation such as a copper tube boiler or high efficiency stainless steel condensing boiler.

To set up a home visit with one of our plumbers, or for Richmond heating call us today at 604-279-9419.

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