Seven Easy Ways to a Better Bathroom

If your plumbing appliances are out of date, mold spots are showing up on your ceiling, or you're looking to sell your house at a higher value, it's more than time to remodel your bathroom. Remodeling can sound like a big project, but in reality, it's not that challenging to transform your bathroom from a dank, moldy space to a cozy, bright, and even inviting room.

Why Remodel?

Your bathroom probably gets the most traffic out of any other room in your home-whether your family members are going to the toilet, getting ready for work, primping for a date, or taking a relaxing shower, your bathroom sees a lot of use. That means it can get run down a lot faster than your attic or old guest room.

Your bathroom is also exposed to a lot of moisture. Humidity from the bath or shower takes a toll on a bathroom's tile, wallpaper, or paint.

A bathroom remodel yields up to a 62% return on investment. Good bathrooms are one of the first things potential house buyers look for-no one wants to buy a home with a dank, outdated bathroom that they'll need to update themselves. If you remodel your own bathroom, your resale value will be much higher.

Bathroom remodels with a good return on investment can be as simple as a new paint job or better lighting to something a little pricier like replacing plumbing fixtures. You don't want to spend so much time and money on costly remodels that you don't get any return, but if you remodel right, you'll be able to reap the rewards.

Mistakes to Avoid

Before you get started, you should know about some common mistakes that can end up costing remodelers.

First, don't cut corners. You need a solid plan for an effective bathroom remodel-without a plan, you end up spending more on materials and labour than necessary. When you plan, it's much easier to stay within your budget.

Other corners you shouldn't cut include quality materials and expert labour. Better materials might cost more, but they'll last longer.

Other corners you shouldn't cut include quality materials and expert labour. Better materials might cost more, but they'll last long and look better. Similarly, you have to pay for someone else's labour, but the professionals can save you the immense costs that accompany an incorrectly installed plumbing fixture-the damages and replacement costs can be enormous.

Next, make sure you're realistic about your budget. How much can you feasibly spend on this project? Thoroughly weigh your pros and cons, decide what renovations are most important to you, and stick to your budget and plan.

Finally, don't make the mistake of thinking bigger is better. If you're planning on installing any new appliances or fixtures, measure your room accurately, and don't invest in a toilet or shower too big for the room. An overcrowded bathroom makes your quality bathroom time much more unpleasant.

Cost-effective Remodels

Now that you know what not to do, let's talk about some cost-effective ways to turn your bathroom into the most coveted room in the house!

1. Change colours
Repainting your bathroom is a small, affordable change that goes a long way. Your bathroom's colour affects the room's entire moo d. If you're looking to make your bathroom friendlier, neater, and cleaner, try updating the paint colour to something brighter or classier. A black and white bathroom can look sleek and modern, while shades of blue can be calming and cool. Go for mildew-resistant paint for a longer-lasting look.

2. Add accents
Changing key items like window or shower curtains, towels, or rugs works the same way as paint-it can add a splash of colour to an otherwise lifeless room. Find accents that match your bathroom's current or anticipated colour; the right shade will make the whole room pop. Make sure to coordinate your accents and use them to highlight your room's colour-you don't want the two to clash.

3. Fix your faucets
Consider updating your faucets to a sleeker, more modern metal to brighten up your bathroom. This simple swap makes your bathroom look cleaner and less drab.

4. Replace your showerhead
Investing in a water-efficient showerhead makes showering more fun while saving you on energy costs. The investment should pay f or itself, whether or not you're selling your home.

5. Stick to the simple things
Think about small changes you can make around the room. Updating small fixtures like drawer handles, towel racks, and even the toilet paper holder can reset your bathroom's tone.

6. Clean out your fan
The bathroom fan is a number one source for mold and mildew, and most of us don't want to deal with it. Keeping it clean lets it do its job better, keeping your bathroom cleaner, but also makes your entire room look, feel, and smell fresher.

7. Turn on the lights
Installing more modern light fixtures, or even swapping out old light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, will change your bathroom's entire feel. When you have more natural light in your bathroom, it feels less like a dark hovel and more open and airy.

There are many options for remodeling your bathroom, and even little things can make a huge difference. Whether you repaint on y our own, or have a professional install a fancy new tub, you'll definitely be rewarded for your time and effort.

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