A handful of plumbing tools to fix a loud sump pump in the Vancouver area

Troubled by a Loud Sump Pump?

A common reason we receive calls from our customers is their sump pump’s noise level. When you hear the noise, especially a noise louder than usual, you might worry that something is wrong with your sump pump.

If you recently installed a new unit, then the noise might be harder to diagnose. Some units are inherently louder than others, but that does not always indicate an issue with the unit. To diagnose the noisy problem with your sump pump, you need first to understand what makes them noisy by design, how location might affect the unit, and other factors. Furthermore, if you suspect that something is wrong with your pump, it does not hurt to have a plumber come and investigate.

What Makes a Sump Pump Loud and Does it Require Repair?

Noise is not always an indicator of something wrong. Instead, you would first need to understand the factors that can make a pump louder than others:

- Pumps Extending from the Pit: A common reason for a loud pump occurs when the sump pump extends from the pit instead of being appropriately placed inside the pit. Noise is kept underground this way, which minimizes how often you hear it.
- Not Covered Correctly: The pit should have a cover to keep away the mechanical sounds and water noises from the pump. Covering the cavity, using a proper-fitting lid, can reduce the noise you hear.
- Discharge Pipe Vibrations: Another common reason for sump pump noise is when the water comes through the discharge line forcing it to vibrate and rattle. Using rubber grommets during installation prevents the rattling sounds, and they also help seal the lid. Rubber is naturally noise-absorbing; therefore, you can have your plumber install rubber grommets and reduce discharge line vibrations.
- Poorly Designed Unit: Some units are poorly designed, which makes them louder than necessary. A good design includes a cast-iron system that is self-lubricating to reduce friction. If you purchase a cheaper, plastic unit, expect it to be noisier than one made from cast iron.
- Poorly Designed Discharge Lines: Discharge lines need to remain straight and keep water traveling at proper angles down the pipe. When the lines are not centered correctly, or they are poorly designed, you will hear the noise as the water moves downward.

Is Your Sump Pump Louder than Usual? It Might be Time to Call a Plumber

Sometimes you have a properly designed and fitted unit, but it starts to make too much noise all of a sudden. The team at Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating, Ltd. can come to your home and help identify the cause of your noisy sump pump.

If your unit is outdated, or it has broken down from cheaper components, our team can provide you with quotes for a new cast iron model too so that you can explore your options thoroughly. You can even visit our products and parts shop in Vancouver!

Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating has expert plumbers in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, and surrounding areas. We offer commercial and residential services for all your sump pump needs. Call us at 604-879-5301 to schedule a test. Contact us online with your questions about our services.

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