Water Conservation Tips

…How a Plumber in the Vancouver area Can Help You Save Water

Small adjustments can have a big impact on how much water your home consumes each year. Not only will it save you money on your utility bills, but by doing your part to conserve water, you can help prevent pollution in local lakes, watersheds and rivers. Also, conserving water may extend the life of your home’s septic system and prevent an overloading of municipal sewer systems.

Tips for Conserving Water

There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your water consumption. Some of these things you can do on your own, while others may require the assistance of a Burnaby plumber. These steps include:

  • Checking for Leaks - All it takes is a small leak from a faucet to waste up to 20 gallons per day of water. Larger leaks will waste hundreds of gallons. Check your home for leaks on faucets, hose bibs outside and even in pipes. If you identify any leaks, contact a plumber for repairs right away.
  • Check the Toilets - Toilets can also leak, and often without you knowing it. To test for a leak, put food coloring into the tank and do not flush. Wait 30 minutes to see if the color begins to appear inside the bowl. If it does, you have a leak and need to repair it.
  • Use a Toilet Tank Filler - Toilet tank fillers can prevent water waste. Fill a plastic bottle with an inch or two of sand, fill with water then place it in the tank. This could save you up to ten or more gallons each day alone. This should only be done if you have a 13 litre flush toilet.
  • Change Your Shower Heads - Switch to water-saving shower heads and use low-flow faucet aerators on sinks. These restrict how much water will come out of your shower heads and faucets and also reduce water consumption.
  • Turn the Water Off - When brushing your teeth, turn the water off while you brush. Instead of running the water while shaving, fill the basin with a few inches of water. If you are showering, cut your shower time down to four minutes.
  • Replace Your Toilet - A professional plumber in Burnaby can help you upgrade to an ultra-low volume, 4.8 litre flush toilet that saves up to 70 percent in water flushed and cuts down indoor water consumption by 30 percent.

Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating can help you make the necessary repairs to conserve water and keep your home as water-efficient as possible. Call us at 604-879-5301 to schedule a repair or contact us online to learn more about water conservation tips for the greater Vancouver area.

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