A Vancouver basement flooding with a water boiler and tank in the background

Why is My Sump Pump Alarm Going Off?

As you sit at home going about your day, you are caught off-guard as your sump pump water monitor alarm starts ringing. Is it an error or is your basement about to flood? While a signal can always be stressful and overwhelming at first, remain calm.

The most important thing to do is to leave it plugged in and never ignore an alarm. These water meters go off for a reason; therefore, identifying the cause is the most important step.

Most Common Reasons Sump Pump Alarms Sound

If your sump pump water watch alarm is ringing, now is the time to run a quick diagnostic check. After you have gone through the common causes of an active alert, report it to your local plumber. If you cannot find the reason for the alarm, do not unplug and assume there is a fault. Instead, have a plumber come in and diagnose the issue for you.

A few common causes for a sump pump alarm include:

1. Power Outage: Did your home recently lose power? Perhaps a circuit breaker was tripped? One common reason sump pumps sound off is that the power is out and the pump is alerting you that it does not have any supply of electricity. Wait for power to restore for your home and then see if that corrects the issue. Also, check the circuit box and ensure there are no trips.
2. Dampness on the Sensors: Once the sensor becomes wet, it will sound the alarm, letting you know the water level is too high. However, the sensors might become moist without the water level rising to them. Stop and listen to see if the pump is on. If you hear the pump working and the water level is at the sensors, give it time to remove the water properly. If the unit is not on and the water has reached the sensors, then it needs repair.
3. After a Storm: After a storm, a sump pump starts to work a little harder than usual, which means it needs more time to catch up to all the extra water it has received. You can remove the sensors, dry them gently, and keep them off until the pump has removed the water, but only if you hear the pump actively trying to remove the water. If the pump is not removing the excess water, then you may have a bigger issue, and should call a plumber.
Call in Your Plumber in Vancouver for Sump Pump Diagnostics and Repair

If the alarm is sounding on your sump pump, but you cannot self-diagnose the problem, contact the team at Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating, Ltd. We will dispatch one of our experienced plumbers to your home to look over your sump pump and identify the reason for your alarm. Sometimes it is a simple fix, while other times there could be a mechanical failure that requires repairs.

Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating has expert plumbers in Vancouver, North Vancouver, SurreyLangley, Burnaby, Richmond, and surrounding cities. We offer commercial and residential services. Call us at 604-879-5301 to schedule a test. Contact us online about your sump pump alarm or other sump pump installation questions.

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