Fast and Affordable Vancouver Furnace Repair or Replacement

Controlling your home's temperature affects your comfort, your mood, and your overall happiness. We want your home to be a place of relaxation and security, and we can help you achieve that by repairing or replacing your Vancouver furnace.

Vancouver Furnace Cleaning to Ensure Performance

Cold Vancouver winters are the worst time for your furnace to stop working properly. We provide cleaning services to help your furnace function better and to prevent it from eating up high fuel volumes. Routine Vancouver furnace cleaning from Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will ensure proper performance and provide you peace of mind.

Vancouver Furnace Repair

Our certified technicians can repair any brand of furnace. If you're ready for a better model, we provide a free replacement estimate. We can also let you know if you qualify for rebates to reduce the cost of your new furnace. We recommend Lennox heating products for the best functionality. Whether you need to repair or replace, our Vancouver furnace specialists are here to assist you.

Is Furnace Repair or Furnace Replacement More Cost-Effective?

The thought of facing those gusts of winter weather without a reliable furnace sends shivers down the spine - even in Vancouver! Your Vancouver furnace expert at Hillcrest can assess your furnace’s condition and answer your questions so you can decide whether to repair or replace an older furnace. Here are some factors you should consider in your decision:

  • Age: A well-maintained furnace can last close to 20 years. While repairing a newer furnace is a good idea, the closer you are to the end of your furnace’s life cycle the more likely that a new, energy-efficient model could lower your heating bills and save you ongoing repairs.
  • Repair Cost and Frequency: A common gauge is that repairs costing less than 50% of the cost of a brand new furnace may be a worthwhile investment; keep in mind, however, even inexpensive repairs can add up, in both cost and inconvenience, if they are frequent or ongoing.
  • Your Energy Bill: In older homes, built in less eco-conscious times, certain factors such as insufficient insulation, less energy-efficient materials and an older heating unit can result in a perfect winter storm on your heating bill. If this is the case, look at some of the rebates available and calculate whether replacing your furnace makes financial and environmental sense.
  • Your Moving Plans: If you are planning to move fairly soon, it may be more practical to repair than to replace your furnace. However, consult with your real estate agent to find out whether investing in a new high-efficiency furnace can increase the value and appeal of your home.

Regardless of the age or condition of your furnace, Vancouver’s Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating Ltd. can help you get the best out of your equipment and even extend its life span with comprehensive furnace inspections and maintenance. If your home is heated by a boiler, we can take care of boiler repairs, maintenance and replacements as well. Call today to set up an appointment with your Vancouver heating technician at Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

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